Day 167: Social D. Covers CCR

by Tom Noonan

I don’t care that it was recorded for a movie (questionably) named Free Birds or that the song will be part of a movie that’s just riding the coattails (tail feathers?) of the Angry Birds phenomenon that started three years ago but your mom just sent you an e-mail yesterday asking how to download it.  I don’t care about any of it besides the fact that it happened.  Context doesn’t matter.  Mike Ness recorded “Up Around the Bend” and then released it to us.

And it sounds great.  Wow, does it sound great.  That bright, sunny, southern riff being dragged through the California punk (drug) scene?  You can barely make it out underneath all the calcified feedback, the smoke clogging up the bar.  Remember when Jack White was the only one allowed to record covers this good?  Yeah, me neither.

You can listen to the cover over at Rolling Stone.