Day 137: Summer’s For Music – Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time”

by Tom Noonan

If you haven’t started watching Netflix’s brilliant and dizzyingly original new series Orange is the New Black, then you’re missing the best show to debut since AMC took a gamble on Breaking Bad.  It’s a show that hits comedic, dramatic, and sociological notes within minutes of each other while never feeling overstuffed.  With each entry, creator Jenji Kohan, best known for helming Showtime’s initially terrific but ultimately unsatisfying Weeds, takes episodic story-telling to new levels, making them seem less like chapters in a good novel than tracks on a great album.  Each one could stand alone, but holy shit are they affecting as a whole.

At the center of this triumph is Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time”, an original theme she penned to lead off every episode. Like the show it presents, the song moves wildly through its paces, opening with a Paramore b-side then finding an angelic bridge amid the grime.  Unlike most great prestige-era themes, you’ll probably keep playing this one long after you’ve finished OITNB‘s relatively brisk first season.  Listen below: