Day 121: Summer’s For Music – Lou Reed Reviews Yeezus

by Tom Noonan

When I started this Summer’s For Music project, I wanted to write about/share some of the albums and songs that were soundtracking my summer.  One of those albums is the popularly polarizing Yeezus, Kanye West’s descent into the deepest, dankest corner of his skeleton-infested closet.  I wrote extensively on the album, matching it up critically, and probably unfairly, with J. Cole’s Born Sinner in the first of many Vaguely Biblical Showdowns.  But then Lou Reed reviewed it, and pretty much all the other critical analyses of everything musical were packed politely into a bowl and smoked until all that was left was the answer to what music means.  If you haven’t read it yet, Lou Reed’s review is stunningly beautiful and contains critical comparisons to farts.  Read it here