Day 106: Texts from Last Night – Game 6

by Tom Noonan

So there was a pretty good game on last night, one made possible by some big shots, big misses, and questionable coaching by one of the best in the game.  It was one of those games that explains without words everything that’s great about sports.  Since we have to put some words to it, here’s a collection of in the moment texts I both sent and received at different points of the game.


“I think this series goes a long way [to helping/hurting Lebron’s legacy]… can’t go 1/3 with this team”

“Yeah, totally agree.  Can’t have The Decision and not go 2/3.”

“Hardo move.”


“I hate Lebron but have a crush on Chris Anderson.  I’m conflicted.”

At Some Point in the Second Half

“We’ve been watching this game for almost three quarters, and my mom just asked me, ‘Which team is wearing which color?’”

After the Spurs Knock Back Another Heat Run

“Timmy D. wants it too much.”


“If Danny Green decides to step out of the phone booth, he’s getting a ring.  And an MVP trophy.  Do you get a car in the NBA finals, too?”

“No, that’s the World Series”

“Oh, well Danny Green should get a car anyway.”

“This game is f***ing nice”

After a Ridiculous Vintage Tony Parker Play

“That pass was unreal”

“Parker stops on a dime.  Its crazy”

“And then can go full speed again, or like turn into that liquid metal terminator and literally go through and around humans”

“I saw it more as the ghost from Mario, but your world bro”

“It’s actually probably closer to like that Goo Allen Strange used to turn into in that TV show about his life”

“Straight flubber”

During Lebron’s 4th Quarter Takeover

“We are all witnesses”



“Dude, I’m eating this up… Just decided he wasn’t ready to lose”

“He’s like finally figuring out exactly how much better he is than everyone else on the court”

“So true, maybe it was just taking of the headband”

“Absurd stats without it”

“I’m slurping this up”

“Everyone I’m watching with wants the Spurs and are all on my case for loving this”


“Where is this in other games?”


“Timmy D has been phenomenal too, will be a great finish”


“He’s taking it to that gear everyone always says he hasn’t reached yet”

“Idk, he has an outlook like people will like him more if he just happens to win another championship instead of f*** everyone here, I’m the best player on the planet and have been the entire season, I’m going to take over and win a ring”

“I don’t think that’s true at all really.  I mean he played the same way all season literally beating everyone.  Then things got hard against the Spurs and I feel like he doesn’t deal with THAT well because he’s still maturing as a megastar.  He didn’t have the tough origin stories that other players have.  He’s never really been coached to get through that”

“I mean he got swept by the Spurs… in the finals…”

“Cleveland was the hardest thing he had to go through, and he was the messiah.  I just don’t think saying he doesn’t WANT to win is right at all.  I believe every championship will mean so much to him.  I believe in his reaction from last year, that it was genuine.  I think you’re misunderstanding lack of maturity as a megastar for apathy which isn’t really fair at all.  He’s just learning now, coming back from pariah status.”

“How is the Spurs sweep not a tough time he went through, that isn’t learning experience for this exact series?”

“It might have been but then he ran from that.  Won a championship fairly easily after some initial growing pains.  Clearly it wasn’t formative enough.”

“He also lost to the Mavs while playing for the heat”

“Those were the growing pains I alluded to, and then he came the next year and won easily.”

“Right, so then what does he still have to go through?”

“He’s gotta stop settling for mid-range jumpers when he can physically dominate everyone.  He needs Pat Riley to break him of his habits, to destroy that hesitation he has from completely changing the game.  He’s already become arguably a top 3 passer in the game.  He’s a point guard built like a truck that needs to know when to distribute and when to dominate.  He needs to learn the responsibility that comes with the powers.”

After Mario Chalmers Tried to Lose Everyone on his Team a Ring

“Chalmers just lost them the ring”

After Mario Chalmers Tried to Lose Everyone on his Team a Ring, Again

“Chalmers is closing the door”

“It’s closed”

After the Spurs Can’t Make a Free Throw

“Slightly open… Somehow the door is still open”

After Ray Allen did that Ray Allen thing



“HOLY S*** HOLY S***”




“Best shooter ever”


“It’s a 3.  No need to review.  This is it.”




“This is sports man”


Before the Spurs’ Final Possession


After the Spurs’ Final Possession

“Damn, thought I called that one”

After Lebron’s Transition Pass to Bosh Leading to an And 1

“Lebron is a point guard”

“He plays every position”

After Lebron Loses the Ball in Transition Up 1

“Gotta be a foul”

“Close call”

“Upon further review, he did get a lot of ball”

“Yeah, right call”

“Seeing with my heart, not my eyes at first”

After the Manu No-Call

 “That was a rough call too”

“Getting real sloppy at the end here”



After the Game

 “Is Bosh the MVP of OT based on defense alone?”

“I’ll allow it.  Ray Ray and Bosh MVP’s for sure.”

“And the refs with that no-call”


“Weird coaching from Pop down the stretch”

“Agreed, I trust him though.  Feel like it was a rare moment where he’s wrong that happened on the worst possible stage.”

“Yeah, he’s top 5 coaches ever, just don’t get a bunch of his moves.”


“That might be the best I’ve seen Bosh play as a member of the Heat, and I only really watched him on defense”


“Ray Ray haning with the big 3 at the end still doesn’t feel quite right”

“I love it, kind of.  He’s like the missing link and he’s so humble about it.  Also, I just love him”

“He’s the man, so nice but so cold blooded”

“Truuu, icy cold.  Thursday is gonna get real.”


“Need to find a new place to watch these games, got my mom over here asking me which team is wearing which color”

“Not what you want in the NBA finals”

“Yeah, she’s gotta up her game for the closer”

“At least get past the basic wardrobe questions”

“Yeah, I could even forgive ‘Which one is Lebron?’ But basic color schemes is just too much”

“Ya without the headband I was confused at first”

“She actually thought he was DWade and kept getting mad when they said Lebron was doing things.  I didn’t correct her.  It was too funny when she found out on her own.”