Day Seventy-Three: Making Slow Code

by Tom Noonan

Some dreams are lost after waking up, faded into the hazed sunrise bleeding through your blinds.  Others are constant, unflinching, something that drives you to give all you have, to turn over yourself to the process of what you truly love.  That is what “Slow Code” (tentative title) is to Caroline Reese, a mega-talented folk nerd who has enough sweetness, emotional direction, and lyrical power to knock you flat on your ass (then, more importantly, pick you up and ask you to dance).  There’s something special in this music, and you should support it.  She’s working on a new album, a follow up to her stellar Indian River, which you can buy here.

“If life made sense/I’d rob a bank and then/Purchase every single day we’d ever spent”.

Here’s the link to her Kickstarter, which was made to help support her follow up album.  Dreams and passions aren’t easy to find, so, when you know someone who’s found theirs, support them till the very end:

And below is a video that, if you’re not sold already, will make you a believer.  Enjoy: