Day Thirty-Six: Outkast, Sort of.

by Tom Noonan

Today Frank Ocean passed on a remix of his already ultra-smooth cut, “Pink Matter (feat. Andre 300)”.  This remix features a verse from Big Boi.  All of Frank and Andre 3000’s parts are the same.  Only Big Boi is there.  And it fits.  It all fits.  They even put Big Boi’s verse before Andre’s to give it an added shock value that goes something like:

“Wait… Is that Big Boi?  And Andre is still on this?  So… is this Frank Ocean featuring Outkast?  Did we all actually die back in December in some sort of Mayan hellfire and are now only living like those dead people “live” in The Sixth Sense?  Is this remix what we need to move on from this world?  Where’s Haley Joel Osment to explain everything to me?”

I’m not sure what it all means.  All I know is that Big Boi and Andre 3000 have an as of now semi-official track out.  Don’t be alarmed if no one around you can hear you speak.

UPDATE: Frank Ocean just tweeted this:

2013 is going to change everything.