Day Twenty-Seven: A Few Notes on the Saddest Lyric of All Time

by Tom Noonan

Is this lyric, from the Japandroids astonishing, rock and roll reclaiming anthem, “The House that Heaven Built”, the saddest lyric ever?  Let’s investigate…

The lyric: “It’s a lifeless life/With no fixed address to give/But you’re not mine to die for anymore/So I must live”

Short answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: It is totally and unequivocally the saddest lyric of all time, especially when placed amidst the context of probably the most defiant, sincere rock and roll song of the past decade.  This lyric is not out of place; it’s the broken piece of the puzzle, the one with edges that just don’t fit anymore.  Can you see it?  It’s the uncertain life of an underachieving musician being stripped of the girl he used to write melodramatic lyrics for.  And he admits this during his anthem, the same song where he screams, “When they love me and they will/Tell them all they can love in your shadow/And if they try to slow me down/I’ll tell ’em all to go to hell.”  I’m devastated.  I hope you are too.  The less upsetting video is below.  Happy holidays.