Day Twenty-Five: Stop Everything You Are Doing, Will Do, or Are Even Ruminating on Possibly Doing Tonight and Watch This Video of Alison Brie Rapping

by Tom Noonan

There are nights that end quietly.  They never quite get off the ground and drift away like Yukon Cornelius making a crafty ice raft escape.  Then there are the other nights, the ones where you find videos of Alison Brie freestyling with Danny Pudi laying down beats in front of a raucous crowd.  The clip soon grows into an all out jam session, as these types of immaculate moments tend to do.  There is no 8 Mile “Papa Doc scene” anymore.  There is just this.  And only this.  God bless everyone involved in making it happen.  The Mayans can take me now.

“See that was the time/When Danny Pudi would rhyme/But he’s not, so I’m still doing it, why?/I don’t want to, but I say, ‘Pie’/Cause I like to eat it/And 3.14/I don’t know, I’m a nerd/What are you sayin’ that for?/You know me, I know you/We’re in it together/We watch TV/We don’t even know what to do.”

(softest mic drop in the short yet storied history of mic drops)

It’s our generation’s “Imagine” with 100% less Yoko.  There’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi, Ye and Jay, and now Pudi and Brie.  We are all truly blessed.