Day Twenty-Four: A Few Loose Notes

by Tom Noonan

1. The word “loose” isn’t a very good one.  It makes me uncomfortable.

2. This great article from Rolling Stone furthers the narrative of The Gaslight Anthem as a rising Jay-Z-type force in the relatively decrepit rock and roll purist scene.  Brian Fallon has even admitted to sampling some Dave Hause lyrics in his own work.  So, in short, Brian Fallon is Jay-Z and Dave Hause is Kanye West.  More as this parallel narrative develops and, inevitably, diverges when the two songwriters refuse to dismantle a Maybach while Aziz Ansari watches.

3. Frank Ocean is going to write a novel, apparently, and might not make another album for a while despite channel ORANGE being the runaway album of the year.  Too bad Ocean’s rookie literary effort will have to compete with Robert Kelly’s Broadway tour de force of closet-related high jinks.

4. My rommate and I split a Papa Johns’ pizza tonight.  There is nothing more to say about this.  I just feel shitty about it.  Papa John sucks.

5. Martin Scorsese is making a documentary on Bill Clinton.  In directly related news, the cause of Mayan Apocalypse will be a black hole created by this collision of pure, uncut dude.  Also, I no longer believe in Twitter.  As of right now, #ClintonDocTitles is not trending.  We can all do better.