Day Zero: “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” is an Above Average Smashing Pumpkins Song

by Tom Noonan

This summer, I saw a guy on the Subway with a tattoo that read, “F*** You”.  Not “Fuck You”, but the edited version, like it was the title of a Hot 100 song.  It seemed like a waste of a tattoo.  Why wouldn’t the guy just go full “Fuck”?  It’s not like the tattoo was cryptic or even a social-media acronym (see: “F.U.”).  It was two words, self-censored, on his skin.  It would be there forever.

Over the past two or so years, I’ve been a college student and occasional writer, but this blog is my chance to go full “Fuck”.  I am taking it upon myself to write something everyday, or at least seven posts per week.  There will be no form or style or organization in general.  I don’t know where this will go, but I know it will be here forever and want to make it count.  Enjoy.